SS: Avian’s Cot (Tod Leben’s Proving Alpha Status)

[Proving Alpha Status] is a fantasy werewolf novel. [Amazon US].

The ebook will be free on Amazon from March 13th to March 17th. [Free Ebook Sale?]

[Content Warning for Proving Alpha Status] Triggers/ concerns should be considered before reading this short story. The short stories of the novels try to stick with the same possible content warnings although should never hit all of them.

I’m gonna refrain of any of the scenes that would lean into trigger content though. You can imagine what happened in Ryan’s church time.

Avian’s Cot

I flinch letting my eyes get used to the brightness. I can’t recall exactly what happened. All I knew it was a full moon; there was no chance of death. I just never remember it afterwards.

A mug is placed on the table beside my cot. Avian sits down scanning me. They’re a shaman and the touch suggests I came in less than stellar. “You were bleeding profusely when I found you. Not enough to defeat you, but it wasn’t shocking you were unconscious.”

I grunt. “Thanks, Avian. Was anyone else there?” Did I leave it a bloody mess like normal?

“No. I didn’t follow your bloody footprints. Guess that other side of you caught on dropping while surrounded by corpses wasn’t a good thing.”

“I probably went for a bird. I do count on you more than I realize.” Not that I purposefully get caught in such bad situations. I just trust Avian to save me.

Ugh. What hero leans on a friend to save them?

“Don’t be that way, Ryan. Everyone needs to be the damsel every once in a while.”

“Can’t believe that’s me though.” I cover my face.

“Have some tea.” Avian forces me to sit up and accept the mug. “I’ll get the broth.”

I grunt, but accept the offerings. Avian keeps saving me. Why do they put so much effort into me anyway? I feel like a… I’m a waste on resources. It has me sighing while Avian returns with a bowl.

“This is a equal relationship, Ryan. Promise. You just don’t see what I already know.”

“Which is?”

“Did you have any awareness this time?” Avian switches the topic. There’s something they can’t explain then. What they know about me that I don’t know. I wish I understand, but it’s probably Avian out talking me again. Shamans do that. And on top of being a shaman, he’s a bird connection. He can talk to birds.

And uses it to guard me. I need guards. I constantly end up injured and suffering. But I also take on complicated quests or difficult quests or high paying quests.

Avian never asks for money for my stays in his hospital. If I leave something, the money ends up back at his tribe. They use the money when needed.

“I’ll take that as a no.”

“I never have awareness when the moon takes control.” I growl at the bowl before drinking it completely down. It’s hot, but won’t complain.

“We’ll talk about that when you’re ready to talk about it.”

I grunt and drops back on the bed. I drank the tea and broth. “How long was I out this time?”

“A few hours since I collected you. I wasn’t expecting you to wake up yet.”

I blink looking to Avian. They move back into the kitchen zone. They collect another bowl of broth. No, they’re carrying soup. I got just broth. Avian heads for the stairs. “Someone here?”

“Day’s back. Hiding upstairs. Don’t let anyone know. She had a fight with the chieftain again.” Avian walks up the stairs.

I grunt thinking of how stairs would be beyond me right now. Really everything is. Really the only thing I can confidently do is sleep. I settle on Avian’s cot in the hospital he uses for more than just humans. I watch as a bird flies in and heads for Avian. Hope everything is fine. All I can do to help is stay out of the way sleeping.

I’ll repay Avian somehow for always saving me. I just can’t figure out how yet.

You can buy the ebook or paperback of Proving Alpha Status on Amazon (US).

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work.


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