Language is About Communicating

[Writer’s Stuff] Writing is a complicated skill. The more knowledge you gain, the better you’ll be. Pick and choose what works for you. Not everything will suit your style. And nothing is absolute when it comes to writing.

Language has meaning. Writing is a skill.

But there is nothing set within the skill that is required for people to communicate.

I’ve written these posts before. A reminder post. [Grammar…] [Language] [Breaking Writing Rules]

Language has one purpose: communication.

As long as your skill is high enough to communicate, you are successful as a writer. That’s the requirement.

You need to create a piece that says something. If you are not clear, the reader will hear something different than you mean.

English is a difficult language to master. You can’t expect perfection. Perfection is literally impossible. Each dialect has it’s own grammar notes. Every few years, words change definitions. We get new meanings and ways to speak.

Mastering English means you are communicating at a high level about high level material. That’s it. If you can manage to communicate on a high level with others, you’ve mastered it.

All the tests and complaints are bias. All of them. Because they mark one set of rules and one dialect as better than the rest.

The key when writing is to remember your audience. What grammar rules and skill expectation do they have? Most can understand if it’s the same general reach. [The Audience]

So when I create these posts, I want you to remember: it’s you who decides which rules to follow.

As long as you don’t change your decided upon rules midway, it’s good.

As long as the audience understands your style, it’s good.

As long as you are communicating your desires/needs/wants/thoughts/etc, it’s good.

Writing is here to communicate.

Language is our way to communicate.

Wanna do it in grunts and growls, you can succeed to an extent, but there is a reason humans started writing. And if you believe pictures can be words, we started writing a very long time ago. Just our written words were even less than our oral ability and back then we didn’t name a lot of things.

A lot has changed since we left Africa after all.

More writing skill posts can be found on [Writer’s Stuff]. If you want to read some of my stuff check out my main page: [].

If you have a suggestion for another post, let me know. I love explaining things.

I plan to turn my collection of writing skills posts into a book. I’ve been saying that for a while, though, so don’t hold your breath.


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