Poem: Limits

At this point, I have over two thousand poems. You can see nearly a thousand of them in All or Nothing. Most of the new poems are on my Instagram [Cat’s Instagram].

This particular poem can be found in Uplifted, a poem book that’s meant to bring hope to everyone. Let me know if I’m successful (ie review please). [Uplifted] [All or Nothing]


Warmth beats on me as the sun raises high.
Our star creates a viewpoint most ignore.
The few who ponder what does fly us by,
Who never seek what comes to us or for.

The sky looks high and far and wide and matte.
Where does it go?  Can we go further than?
The sky’s the limit; who decided that?
Astronauts will exceed and excite man.

To reach the moon and return back again,
To live in a world where the sun never sets,
To survive through starkness, coldness times ten,
I ask you to really think of the threats.

To so many, the sky’s the limit; true
But really, is there a limit for you?

Yes. It is an English (aka Shakespearean) sonnet. Glad you noticed. I like sonnet, but free form and chaos are my favorite styles of poetry.

Yes, I did come up with the chaos style. There’s no limits or expectations within chaos. You are just following the path the poem creates.

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