My werewolves

The common event in writing is to make natives werewolves. You’ll be able to pick out many books that do it.

And really so do I.

If you read my work, you’ll find hints connecting werewolves to natives.

[Modern Werewolves] [Proving Alpha Status]. Both have been published before. Before make suggestions without being too forward.

The difference being, I’m proud of my ancestral connection. I’m proud to have Lenape blood. Even if that’s something that offered trauma because the white American life only wishes for native death.

I’m not afraid to make the connection. To say it is a connection. The way the pack runs, the community aspects, the looks, and the distance it keeps, the secrets. Not all positive, but also not savage beast the way most mark it.

They typically make it an uncontrollable savage. Can’t be tamed. Can’t be handled.

Lack of knowledge causes that untameability. Too much trauma causes wildness. Both of which are common in this world.

My werewolves are stronger and better than humans in pretty much every way, but the weaknesses are very human.

The parts that make them savage are the parts that connect to humanity not to the wolf. The wolf is stable. The wolf is knowledgeable and skilled. Creating a wall with the wolf is where things start getting dicey.

I created my werewolves – and I keep creating them – because my biggest issues are disconnect. I am at home here but I am alone.

Each werewolf book relates back to my connection, disconnection, and wish for my ancestral ties to stop being in the past. To find those I’m like. To gain my own pack. My community.

What would happen to the stories if I was accepted on the reservations? I don’t know. If I was able to join the communities? I don’t know. If I was given the full allowance to call myself Lenape? I don’t know.

Perhaps my werewolf stories will end. I’ll stop writing them.

Or perhaps they will just change. There are things we need to say. Things I can say within the written word that isn’t easy in real life.

But I’ll be honest. My werewolves, just like many others, are written to be natives. Go ahead and see that. I set it up that way. No point denying the obvious.

And the ebook is set for free March 13th to March 17th 2023. [Free Ebook Sale?]

[US Amazon Proving Alpha Status link] [About Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation] [Lenape Wiki]

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