SS: Alpha Cub (Tod Leben’s Proving Alpha Status)

[Proving Alpha Status] is a fantasy werewolf novel. [Amazon US].

The ebook will be free on Amazon from March 13th to March 17th. [Free Ebook Sale?]

[Content Warning for Proving Alpha Status] Triggers/ concerns should be considered before reading this short story. The short stories of the novels try to stick with the same possible content warnings although should never hit all of them.

This story takes place after the story ends. We’re talking five plus years after.

Refrain from reading this until after you finish or if you truly wish to know just because Stacy and Ryan get a happily ever after doesn’t mean everyone does.

Book two can follow either Daylight or Irvine. And I can’t wait to introduce Sparrow, Avian’s next in line (and Rook). My head has ideas for the situations set, but not for the next serious plot. And I don’t think I can write from Daylight’s perspective. That’s a tough one.

Alpha Cub

“Irvine!” Mom calls out from the top of the stairs near the packhouse. I don’t want a bath, though, so I’m not going.

^You really should listen to your mother.^ It’s just one of the normal spirits of the pack. They keep trying to get me to see Mom’s point of view though. Definitely not my spirits. They’re her spirits. So I can ignore them.

Daylight is in the gardens as I come to them. Next to her though is the creep. I think he’s really a demon trying to trap her. Spirits aren’t like him. Something seems off. And he made sure Day doesn’t speak.

“Get away from her.” I move into place blocking the spirit from easily reaching Daylight. “This is my pack, you aren’t allowed here.”

The spirit stares at me. Doesn’t talk to me. Never talks to me. He only talks to Day. Was annoyed at first I could see him. But I can see all the spirits on pack grounds. When we leave grounds, he’s just as hidden for me as most.

Day tugs at my hand. Her smile has me worried. She has no idea what this spirit causes her. She’s cursed! How do I fix it?

“Irvine.” Mom lifts me into her arms. Sucks being only five. I’m tiny compared to her. No one listens to me. No one helps me. I’m just the kid of pack. “You need a bath. It’s a daily thing. Dinner will not taste as good if I have to smell you next to me.”

Kicking my legs and whining never works, but I do it anyway. Mom only offers scoldings. I need a bath.

When I’m big and strong like her, I won’t take so many baths. Baths suck.

You can buy the ebook or paperback of Proving Alpha Status on Amazon (US).

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work.


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