Cat Hartliebe’s Be Mine: Reading Challenge x3

Be Mine by Cat Hartliebe cover.

A collection of short stories and poetry around proposals. [Be Mine] is ebook only. It will one day either join a collection similar to [Hartliebe Poems and Shorts] or long enough to be a stand alone paperback. One day. Not today, though.

This collection is a published gift for my niece’s wedding.

[Fall in Love] is similar without being the same. Fall in love is love of all types. Be Mine is strictly romantic proposals. It may expand to be purely romantic love. For now, the collection is all proposals.

Be Mine’s Reading Challenge

[Reading Challenge]

All of the stories within my collections are less than a hundred pages without pictures. Each story gets its own reading challenge marks.

I am recommending all of them.

Every book generally can be marked “for fun”.You know me well enough if you read my blog, so all of my reading challenges will mark written by someone you know.

As well as not traditionally published. Mind you this doesn’t have to just be indie works. It could be like Wattpad or random sites on line.

Be Mine as a whole is fictional romance, so all of these mark that.

As a note: I am genderfluid. I am nonbinary. I am not female. I am not male. So all challenges cannot be connected to me. And I know my gender. You know my gender. It’s just not listed in the group.

Why do I use female and male? Because there are three large groups: male, female, and intersex. My gender and my biological chaos fits into intersex. It’s not something I can get marked in my life, but it won’t change the hell I deal with because of it. Lots of genders fit within the three groups. And even for those using a gender (including ones like genderfluid), they may feel comfortable within one of the major groups. Many intersex people are fine falling into one of the other two as well. Gender is very complicated. [My gender]

I don’t fit. That’s fine. Just don’t try to force me into the boxes.

The Perfect Flower

This is first person with a realistic time setting. The entire time is within a florist shop so a lot isn’t known.

More Than Just a Cup

This is first person. It has food. Title is five words long. It’s a realistic time setting. Little else is known. Short stories normally leave a lot off to push forward the main point.

The Perfect? Plan

This is a city or suburb environment. If you think it’s one over the other (suburb sounds best), mark that as well. There is food and it’s written in third person. There is a switch in settings from home to traffic, to diner, to movies, to home again.

Creating these reading challenge is for other’s benefits. I cannot include any of my work within my reading challenge.

If you are interested in getting to know my (fantasy) love interest, check 권지용 out here: [Wiki] [Youtube] [Instagram] (Let me live in my dream world thanks.)

[Be Mine] can be brought on Amazon as an ebook only. It is also available on Kindle Unlimited. (Amazon US)

If you have any specific questions about any of my books, let me know. I am always willing to talk about my work.


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