Cyro Hartliebe

Trying to get this child to do anything… Ugh.

A teen now! They’re a teen!

They are more active on the blog than I thought (it’s monthly?!) []

I just redid the landing page after building a page for [Prethirteen]. I was annoyed it’s been a year and Cyro still hasn’t made a page.

Authors! I’m begging you! Make a page for a published work at latest the day it’s published. Have a website. Create a page for every work you publish.

Or for a series. Series are fine as a page. Give people a place to go to learn a little more about the book.

But anyway…. Cyro is a little bit more active lately. They’re succeeding at Poem a Day May 2023 (This is a pikachu face meme).

Check their Instagram to see the poems based on cards from our games. [Cyro Hartliebe Instagram].

I’m also succeeding, but no one is shocked by that. Even in burn out I can pull poems out my a–.

Cyro has come a long way, but there is a lot to go. Directions are getting more set… I think. Why else would I pick up a bunch of physic textbooks for them? Yeah. Physics. At fourteen. You do you. Cyro does Cyro.


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