Dragon Rider 10th!

September 17th, 2023 Natalie the Dragon Rider 10th Grade should be published.

To support the preorder, I have the price set to 99 cents. That price will only last until it publishes (and I remember it needs to be fixed).

PINC is currently four books long. This part of the series is seven books. 10th Grade is the fifth book. It’s moving between young adult and new adult. Things happen here to start pushing it into the next category.

I haven’t gotten the quotes pulled. I haven’t set up the trigger page. I haven’t given it a serious review (I’ll suggest two more at this point). It’s nearly ready, but not completely ready (hence why it’s marked to September).

I want to fully finish Natalie the Dragon Rider.

I want to get started on Rebecca the Alpha Shifter.

PINC is meant to be almost a forever work. But to keep it in young adult generally, the main character will be switching to a preteen or teen. Rebecca gets next mark. She’s very much in Natalie’s stories and most should enjoy her chaos.

Right now, though? Let’s focus on the next book. 10th Grade is set to preorder. 11th Grade will be set to preorder once I finish 10th edits. 12th Grade will probably go up shortly after 10th gets published.

I’m excited. I hope you are too.

You can buy the ebook or paperback of Natalie the Dragon Rider on Amazon. US links: [6th Grade] [7th Grade] [8th Grade] [9th Grade] [10th Grade (Preorder)] [11th Grade (Coming Soon!)] [12th Grade (Coming Soon!)]


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