About Cat Hartliebe


Cat Gillette | Tod Leben are pen names of the same person: Cat Hartliebe

Genderfluid, they/them.
35 yo.
chronically ill

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Born and raised at the Jersey Shore, Cat Hartliebe has had a strange childhood.

They never thought anything of always writing. Back before the letters even made sense, Cat could be found writing.

For them, letters, words, and language are a special interest.

[My Writing Career]

Two and a half decades later, Cat Hartliebe began publishing. It was not the first time, they could be found in a book or publication.

Cat Hartliebe under their given name (Catherine Gillette) published in the school’s newspaper and poem book. During high school and college, they found themselves reaching for such things, but never pressed.

Because why pick a field money doesn’t flow into easily?

Cat Hartliebe (Catherine Gillette) acquired a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey (now called Stockton University). They have fond memories of the place, but a lot has changed in the decade since graduating.

Since college ended, they received licenses for both REHS and Public Adjuster. Neither offered an income, though. As much as the knowledge was highly valuable and desired, it did not lead to a career.

Cat Hartliebe has worked in sales (failed), customer service (failed), tutoring (lost hours), lawn care (health concern), retail (failed), and food service (failed).

Spending so many hours trying to find a good fit that doesn’t destroy them medically has been a challenge.

Now Cat Hartliebe spends their time parenting, caring for the house, and working on their author/poet status.

For now, this is all Cat Hartliebe really has for income. This and odd jobs. It has been the only thing that hasn’t ruined them medically and hasn’t made them think suicidal thoughts as many other jobs have. Even if they end up finding work- which won’t happen until Cyro is older- the books will not be going anywhere. More will end up published, just at a slower pace.

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