All or Nothing Poem Book

This will be multiple volumes containing all of my poems.

Vol 1: Us Amazon (KU, Ebook, Paperback)

All or Nothing

This poem book includes every poem I have access to I wrote before December 17th 2021 (give or take).

That’s over 900 poems.

Everything is possible. This includes my oldest poems dating back to when I was still struggling to write. Dates suggest I was six at the time.

Thirty years of poetry being collected into a split collection All or Nothing.

All or Nothing: Everything

The part that is Cat Hartliebe. There are no triggers here (as far as I noticed).

All or Nothing: None

This side is the Tod Leben’s triggering poems. Some are less triggering than others. But there are some anyone would call trigger worthy. If you can think of the trigger, it’s probably in here.

The themes are chaos and random. Anything is possible. The poem book is written in alphabetical order versus based on theme. Partly because many will cross themes. Partly because I haven’t fully organized all my poems by theme.

Some of the poems will not be found outside of these volumes. Some times because the idea behind the poem will be wanted, but it needs a full revamp to get the reader connecting to what I want it to. [Fill It Up in Uplifted is one such poem.] Some because there is no desire for me to ever show off the poem to anyone for any reason. (It’s here for me to be honest about my failures in my past as well as my weaknesses.) [Ein Herz belongs in this field. If I felt comfortable enough, it would enter Fall in Love, but I’m not comfortable enough for it.]

All or Nothing Vol 2

I have written hundreds of poems since December 17th, 2021. I know it has not long since then. My goal is to hit over 9000 in my lifetime. I have a lot of work ahead of me. Volume 2 will be created soonish at this rate. New revamps will get added to whatever volume they would connect to. [Fill It Up in Uplifted will be in Volume 2. The messy “first draft” is in Vol 1.]

Exact counts of a volume will be between 800 and 1200 poems. It will depend on exactly when I pick my cut off date and the length of the poems included. Volume one was marked for my birthday. I may be off a little with some poems that should be included that were excluded, but over all, the date stands.

Everything after my 36th birthday is going into vol 2.

The final date for vol 2 hasn’t been decided yet. It will be decided soon. At this rate, my birthday is a possible option. Depends on if I keep up this 10 poem a day average. *looks away* I’ve been writing poetry too much lately.

If you have any questions about any of my poetry, send me a message:

Check out any poetry on my blog: [Poetry Archive]

Tod also has some: [Tod’s Poetry Archive]

My Instagram is pretty much a public raw poem book: [Cat Hartliebe’s Insta]

Or check out my YouTube collection of poetry readings: [Youtube Poetry Reading Playlist]