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Recent posts:

The posts will be reverse order by month. So that means the first post of a month will be the last one posted during that month. I will exclude pages during the list. If you are looking for strictly poetry, check out Poetry Archive.

February 2023

[Tod Leben’s Proving Alpha Status: Characters part 1] [Hmmm…. Maybe… I Should Publish Trapped in a Tower] [Kindle Countdown Promotion Attempt] [Language is About Communicating] [Improvements] [Getting Back on the Horse] [Poem: I Wish Every Day] [SS: Avian’s Cot (Tod Leben’s Proving Alpha Status)] [Tod Leben’s Proving Alpha Status: Quotes (2.0)] [Tod Leben’s Proving Alpha Status: Disability] [The Audience] [Cookies] [Poem: Sight] [Poem: Work] [SS: The Perfect Flower] [Cat Hartliebe’s Fall in Love: The Why] [Free Ebook Sale?] [Poem: Me 2022] [Poem: Me 2009] [Poem: Dreaming of Bigbang] [SS: Suspended] [Cat Hartliebe’s Be Mine: The Books]

January 2023

[Poem: Vendredi] [Poem: Bien Jour] [Poem: J] [Jan 2023 Goal Review] [SS: The Next Step] [Publishing Decisions] [Cat Hartliebe’s Be Mine: Poetry] [My gender] [7 out of 9 + years] [Poem: Not Alone] [Book Review: Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya (all 12 volumes)] [SS: This is Not a Video Game] [Cat Hartliebe’s Be Mine: Cover] [Renew the Prices] [Poem: Phoenix #2] [DNF: Genesis of Dragons by Charlotte Murphy] [SS: Pink Shoes] [Tod Leben’s Troubled Royals: Inspiration] [A book clean up] [Poem: Life’s Luck] [Book Review: Love Me or Hate Me by Stephanie Alves] [Book Review: Horimiya vol 1 by Hero x Daisuke Hagiwara] [SS: The Ice] [Tod Leben’s Troubled Royals: Favorite Character] [Fall in Love paperback is proofed] [Cover update! Fall in Love] [Poem: Everything is Gonna be Okay]

December 2022

[SS: New Residence] [Tod Leben’s Troubled Royals: Dedication] [Foolish Idea! (Maybe)] [Poem: The Night] [SS: New Things] [Tod Leben’s Troubled Royals: World] [Writing Update and Plans Dec 2022 and Beyond] [Poem: To You] [SS: First Ocean Visit] [Tod Leben’s Troubled Royals: Genre] [Poem: Hot Cocoa] [Reading Challenge] [SS: Nutty] [Tod Leben’s Troubled Royals: Cover] [2023 Goals ~ Let’s Go!] [99 Cent Sale!] [2022 Goals Success(?)] [Poem: Blue and Silver Packages] [SS: Grandma’s Love (A Fall in Love new short)] [Promotion Squares] [Let’s return!]

November 2022

[Nanowrimo Peptalk] [Nanowriomo Update 2022: WINNER] [Free Gift!] [Nanowrimo Update 11-16-2022: Success!] [Nanowrimo 2022 Update: Nov 12th] [I failed] [Way over a million words] [Nanowrimo 2022 Update 11-4] [Nanowrimo Begins 2022]

October 2022

[Poem: NapTime (Cyro)] [Oops : Update (Oct 20th)] [Updates (Oct 13th, 2022)] [Poem: Slow Going (Cyro)] [Next task?] [Cat Hartliebe’s Be Mine: Free Ebook] [Finally: All or Nothing (updates besides)]

September 2022

[Cat Hartliebe’s Be Mine: Existence Guarantee] [Keep Trying…. And Failing…] [New Collection ~ Be Mine] [Tod Leben’s Proving Alpha Status: Hair] [Tod Leben’s Proving Alpha Status: Quotes] [Poem: Love Me] [Tod Leben’s Proving Alpha Status: Cover] [Book Review: Amulet of Wishes by Rita A. Rubin] [Poem: Feeling Low] [Poem: The Thousand Stars (Cyro)] [Poem: One by One] [99 Cents Sale!] [Proving Alpha Status] [Cyro Hartliebe Updates Summer 2022] [Lycacon thoughts] [Kindle Unlimited] [Tod Leben’s Non Human Best Friend: The Poems]

August 2022

[Want to Offer me a Review?] [Want me to review?] [Sorry] [Tod Leben’s Non Human Best Friend: The Stories] [Tod Leben’s Non Human Best Friend: Cover] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Book Club Questions] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Quotes] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Stupid Joke] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Favorite Character] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Asexual vs Sex Repulsed] [Tod Leben’s Dove: LGBT+] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Bonus Pairings] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Couple Joe and Icarus] [Forgot One; What am I doing?] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Hints Around Autism] [And On to the Next One (Princess/Prince options)] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Big Ben Characters] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Joe Characters] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Icarus/Homer Characters] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Character Dad and Kris]

July 2022

[Tod Leben’s Dove: Opening] [SS: Dove ~ Desired Present] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Homer vs Big Ben] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Happily Ever After] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Favorite Line] [Logos] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Character Joe Merci] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Character Icarus Homer] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Favorite Moment] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Title] [Tod Leben’s Dove: First Person/Switching Chapters] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Tropes] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Themes] [Cat Hartliebe’s Hartliebe Poems and Shorts: The Current] [Cat Hartliebe’s New Jersey Favorites: The Stories] [Cat Hartliebe’s New Jersey Favorites: Favorite Poem] [Published! Uplifted by Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s New Jersey Favorites: The Poems] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Genre] [Cat Hartliebe’s New Jersey Favorites: Cover] [Tod Leben’s Just a Little Bit of Life: Why did I publish this?]

June 2022

[Cat Hartliebe’s First Meeting: Quotes] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Dedication] [Tod Leben’s Dove: World] [Cat Hartliebe’s First Meeting: Genre] [Cat Hartliebe’s First Meeting: Book Club Questions] [Promotion images] [Cat Hartliebe’s First Meeting: Dedication] [Personal Post: Failing Gym] [Cat Hartliebe’s First Meeting: The Books] [Tod Leben’s Dove: Cover] [SS: Modern Werewolves: Green Ridge Celebrates Juneteenth] [SS: Dove: Happy Father’s Day, Dove] [Cat Hartliebe’s First Meeting: Cover] [Cat Hartliebe’s If Non Humans Could Talk… : Cover] [Tod Leben’s Dove ~ Reminder] [SS: Dove: The Chaos of Pride] [Cat Hartliebe’s Fall in Love: The Future] [Kindle Unlimited!! Everything is!!!] [Cat Hartliebe’s Fall in Love : Favorite Poem] [Cat Hartliebe’s Fall in Love : Favorite Short Story] [Cat Hartliebe’s Fall in Love : Dedication] [Cat Hartliebe’s Fall in Love : Cover] [Cat Gillette’s Autist : Book Club Questions] [Cat Gillette’s Autist : Who I Think Needs Such a Book] [Cat Gillette’s Autist : Formatting Nonsense]

May 2022

[Cat Gillette’s Autist : Favorite Line] [Cat Gillette’s Autist : Dedication] [Cat Gillette’s Autist : The World] [Marketing My Book 101] [Cat Gillette’s Autist : Main Character(s)] [Random Collection of Writing Prompts] [Cat Gillette’s Autist : Cover] [Proofing!]

April 2022

[Failure] [Appositive?] [Book Review: A Tale As Old As Time] [Exercise! Pikachu’s Known] [Pronoun Confusion Ray] [Reading Challenges] [New Reading Challenge idea] [SS: Alex’s Test (Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade)] [Cyro is Amazing! PreThirteen is Out!] [Modifiers and their dangles] [Book Review: Savvy Sheldon Feels Good as Hell by Taj McCoy] [Smashwords and D2D]

March 2022

[Modern Werewolves; An Ending]

February 2022

[Modern Werewolves] [Epilogue seals it] [Hmmm…. Dove] [Free Ebook] [Heya!]

December 2021

[Names Instead of the Pronoun You] [Compliment vs Complement] [Poem: Sharpening] [Hiatus] [Poem: Tell Me] [Poem: Only One] [Poem: If You]

November 2021

[Poem: Always Love You] [Poem: Color Me] [Nanowrimo 2021 update: Nov 21th] [SS: Epilogue2 “What Can I Do?”] [SS: Epilogue 1 “Korean Dream”] [SS: Ch23 “We Like 2 Party”] [SS: Ch22 “Only Look at Me Pt 2”] [SS: Ch21 “What do you Want?”] [SS: Ch20 “What”] [SS: Ch 19 “What is Right”] [SS: Ch18 “Let’s Talk About Love”] [SS: Ch17 “Wonderful”] [SS: Ch16 “Tonight”] [Poem: Louder!] [SS: Ch 15 “We Belong Together”] [SS: Ch14 “Goodbye Baby”] [SS: Ch13 “Girlfriend”] [SS: Ch12 “Lies”] [SS: Ch 11 : “Beautiful Hangover”] [SS: Ch10 “Oh Ah Oh”] [SS: Ch9 “Breathe”] [SS: ch8 “Missing You”] [SS: Ch7 “Heaven”] [SS: Ch6 “Day by Day”] [SS: Ch5 “Baby Goodnight”] [Nano2021 Update: Nov 9th] [SS: Ch4 “Foolish Love”] [Poem: Join Us] [SS: ch3 “She Can’t Get Enough”] [SS: ch2 : “Hello”] [SS: ch1 “Intro”] [SS: John Visits #2] [SS: John Visits #1] [SS: Communicate] [Hmm… Nano Story 2021 Idol’s Gaze Version 2.0] [SS: Silent] [SS: Parent’s Day #11] [Word Crawls!] [SS: Last Minute Party] [SS: Favorite Singer] [SS: Weird Pain] [Nano SS: 시우의 story] [Poem: Childhood Song] [SS: Wedding Book (Idol’s gaze fanfiction)] [SS: The Red Pen]

October 2021

[SS: Guest List (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction?)] [About Me and my Writing] [SS: Best Man (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction?)] [SS: Date Night (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction)] [SS: Tournament (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction?)] [SS: School (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction)] [SS: Tea (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction?)] [SS: Happy Birthday Mom! (Idol’s Gaze Fanfiction?)] [SS: I Love You (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction)] [Poem: Lunar Eclipse] [SS: Greetings (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction?)] [SS: The Stage (Mimic chapter 3)] [SS: Lunch Date (Mimic Chapter 2)] [SS: Mimic (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction?)] [SS: Response (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction?)] [Resize…. (Personal Post)] [SS: Took the Cake (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction?)] [SS: Hats (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction?)] [Apologies] [Poem: No Longer a Sapling] [Nanowrimo Comes] [SS: Epilogue : First Picture] [SS: It Ends] [SS: Almost Done] [SS: Evening Free] [SS: The Picture] [SS: Friendship] [SS: The Public Knows] [SS: Photo & At Home] [Poem: Roses are Red] [SS: Time Moves Forward] [SS: The Guys] [SS: Breakfast] [SS: Kevin Comes Home] [SS: Dinner Together] [SS: New Life] [SS: Honeymoon Special] [SS: First Visit] [Poem: A Poem] [SS: EJ] [SS: The Plan] [SS: Doctor…] [SS: Casual Chatter] [SS: Differences] [SS: Hope] [SS: It’s Time] [SS: Just Two More Nights] [SS: Questionable Perfection] [SS: Deep Clean] [SS: Romance Blockaded] [SS: Questions] [SS: Playing Games] [Homeschooling] [SS: My Cinderella Life] [SS: Special Scene Between Us] [SS: Just a Little Writing] [SS: Writer’s Block] [Poem: Caught] [Last November’s Breakdown] [Poem: Red Roses]

September 2021

[Poem: At Rest] [Poem: The Special Thing] [Prologues] [Poem: Blue Violets] [Open Ended Short Stories] [Poem: If You Wanna] [Motivations and Goals]

August 2021

[Poem: Low Battery] [My Writing Career] [Poem a Day May 2020] [Free Ebook] [There is No Ultimate Guide; Writing is a Personal Journey] [Poem: Not Very Huggy] [Everything- This is Literal- is Connected to Writing] [Poem: Wings] [Poem: My Little Ninja] [Active vs Passive] [Poem: Good Boy] [Recipe: (?) Pancakes! (Grilled Cheese Pancake & Pizza Pancake)] [Story: Comeback Tour] [The Final Edit: Read Out Loud] [Poem: Thanks of a Cat]

July 2021

[Poem: Life in a Pandemic] [Poem: Taught by Family] [Recipe: Chocolate Pudding] [Breaking Writing Rules] [Poem: I Love You] [My Current Books] [Why I consider myself grey-ace] [Idioms] [Poem: Lone Cloud] [Similes and Metaphors] [Poem: Hear Me] [Magic Within the Worlds] [Ode to the Ellipsis] [Poem: I Promise to Find You] [Dragon Rider’s Bonus ~ The Perfect Gift]

June 2021

[Redundancy] [Poem: Tree of Knowledge] [How Reading is Saving The World] [Repetition] [Direct Payments] [Poem: To Someone] [Dragon Rider’s changes] [All Words Count] [Poem: Throw It!] [Poem: Just a Name] [Is Anyone Interested?] [Poem: Frog Boy] [Drafting] [Poem: Tip] [Activity] [Poem: Trust] [Poem: Pink Flowers] [Gender…. Decision?] [Let’s Begin!] [Transition Practice]

May 2021

[Poem a Day May 2021 is over!] [Poem: Forever and a Day] [Poem: Fluffy Little Kitty] [Poem: Dear Baby,] [Plot Ninja] [Poem: Heart Full] [Poem: Big Brown Eyes] [Youtube Poetry Readings] [Poem: Rainbow Sea Dragon] [Poem: Honeycomb Whispers] [Poem: “Joy”] [Plot Bunnies] [Poem: Fluff and Fairy Tales] [Update on Poem a Day May 2021] [Learning 한국] [Poem: Can’t Be Lonely When Your Dead] [Poem: Thanks For…] [Poem: Unobtainable Love] [Random Thought: Favorite Candy] [Poem: Do I Know Enough?] [Autist] [Poem: I Need You] [Poem: Together, United] [Poem: 유리울] [Updates – May 2021] [Poem: Home, Is There Such a Thing?] [Random Thoughts: Pine Barrens (NJ)] [Poem a Day May 2020 is back up] [Working On…. May 2021] [Poem: Still My Heart] [Poem: Beach] [Poem: Supreme Parent] [Poem: Friendship] [Poem: Flower] [Poem: Fated] [Poem: Already Fell] [Poem: Don’t Cry Cat] [Poem: Sweet Child of Mine] [Leagende Audience] [Poem: Thank You For Becoming a Mother] [Poem: Fool in Love] [Poem: Ball of Fur]

April 2021

[Poem: Listen to Your Elders] [Pain and Glucose 1 : The Turtle and the Hare] [Poem a Day May 2021] [Working on Leagende] [Poem: Author] [Progression] [Those Eyes] [Poem: Time is Precious] [Poem: Tea]

March 2021

[Poem: Green and White] [Poem: Everyone Deserves Peace] [Poem: Write Those Books] [Covers Matter] [Poem: A Season] [Writing Style] [Poem: Chocolate or Vanilla] [Different Strokes for Different Folks][Poem: No Longer a Sapling]

February 2021

[Mwahahaha! All the profits] [Poem: Tell Me] [It and They] [Dear Cat (Tod Leben)] [Poem: Home] [Tod Leben’s Tsuba Ren] [Tsuba Ren (reblog)] [Hmm… Collections] [Reasons to Bail on a Project] [Poem: Cupcake (last minute creation)] [Poem: My Love] [Poem: I Love You] [Poem: Love #3] [Poem: Love #2] [Poem: Love #1] [Poem: Always Love You] [Poem: Love Poem] [Reviews] [Poem: Love is…] [Poem: Headlights] [Poetry] [Poem: My Love Grows] [Poem: For Child] [Personal Post: Disabled] [Poem: Final Draft] [If Non Humans Could Talk…] [Names] [Poem: A Few Words] [Poem: Freedom] [Poem: The Editor] [Poem: The Ills] [Am I an Author?] [Poem: Love is a Prideful Emotion]

January 2021

[Fall in Love] [Story Idea] [Goals before February] [Spells] [Poem: I am Mad] [Recipe: Crepes] [Dear Supporter,] [Aha!] [The First Two] [Poem: Enlightenment] [So Many Updates] [Know a Budding Poet or Writer?] [Poem: Ask Me If Tonight is Fine (song)] [Currently published on Smashwords and Amazon:] [Preorders are your Friend] [Poem: Consequences]

December 2020

[Series: Same World or Same Plot] [Poem: It’s Time for Winter’s White] [Pen name] [Poem: The Final] [Dragon Rider the Series] [I’m done x2] [I’m done] [Poem: A Lady (Dragon Rider 7th Grade)] [Poem: Trash] [Poem: Never Again] [Poem: Blizzard] [Author’s Signature] [Poem: Why? Just Why?] [Recipe: Cinnamon Oatmeal] [Poem: Thunderbird] [Novel Length] [Who did I idolize as a child?] [Poem: Ice] [Poem: Broken Hearted (song lyrics)] [SS: Genie’s Eleventh Wish] [SS: Genie’s Tenth Wish] [Poem: To My Wandering Spirit Friend] [Poem: What is Hope?] [Chapter Length] [Why the Tears Come] [A Letter]

November 2020

[Poem: Crashing Waves] [Poem: The Poem] [Tattoo] [Description Practice] [Description] [Recipe: Pumpkin Pudding] [Poem: Apologies Are Given] [Poem: Fantasy] [Poem: What’s It Like?] [Poem: Will You?] [Pronouns 2: Grammar Rules] [Poem: My Princess] [Poem: Pride Park, Our Home] [Poem: Alone] [Nanowrimo 2020 Update] [Pronouns 1: The Basics] [Poem: Poetry] [Nanowrimo 2020] [Poem: The End] [Contractions in English] [My Writing Weakness] [Poem: Birding] [Poem: Words of Romance]

October 2020

[Short Story Friday] [Poem: Candy (#octoprompt)] [Research and Sensitivity Reader] [Poem: Don’t You Move (#Octoprompt Claws)] [Theme Song] [Poem: Failed Love] [Cat Hartliebe Answers a Few Questions] [Poem: The Bonfire Rages (#octoprompt)] [Poem: Leaves Dancing (#octoprompt autumn)] [Poem: Storm (#octoprompt storm)] [Poem: 나비 (butterfly; Korean)] [Messing around] [What Fun!] [Research] [First to Second Draft] [Poem: Who] [Poem: Titanic (#octoprompt blanket)] [Disabled Thoughts] [Poem: Another Shiver (#octoprompt spine)] [Don’t be Afraid of Cliches] [Poem: 13 Nights of Halloween (song)] [Poem: beautiful little girl] [Poem: The Writing Squall] [My supporters] [Poem: A Spell (#octoprompt)] [Fun Nanowrimo Idea] [Support] [Poem: Proud Battler (Modern Werewolves) (#octoprompt Woods)] [Poem: Hot Apple Cider (#octoprompt Cider)] [Poem: Handling Them] [Beta Read or Book Review] [Ancestors…] [Poem: Starlight (starlight prompt)]

September 2020

[Homepage Questions] [Problem Words] [Poem: Truth] [Poem: Caring] [Part of the problem] [Everyone has a creative side] [Poem: Scream into the Void, Child] [Posts…] [Push Through the Road Block] [Proper Nouns vs nouns and Fantasy] [Poem: Love, Hope, Happiness, Freedom] [Cyro’s Poem Book] [Character Quiz] [POV expanded] [Poem: I Did Not Write Today] [Coming Out] [Language] [Grammar…] [Poem: The Letter J] [Poem: Legendary Man Has Died] [Info Dumping]

August 2020

[Poem: Demon Minion] [Poem: Questions] [SS: Genie’s Ninth Wish] [Editing Steps Reworded] [700 posts…] [Who I am… Gatekeeped] [Random Writing Definitions #2] [Poem: I’m Sorry] [Poem: Good Bye Fish] [Shortcuts Usable Everywhere (pretty much)] [Badly Written Prose 2] [Poem: Happy Birthday GD] [Poem: Twitter Fairies] [Writing Stuff] [Poem: Dance] [Writing] [Poem: Blue Skies] [Peace Minus One] [Poem: Mother Store] [Poem: One Picture] [You Are A Writer] [Cat Hartliebe’s Favorite Music 2020] [Gender Vent] [List of Poems] [Dress] [Poem: The Heart] [Poem: Don’t Wanna Have a Meltdown]

July 2020

[Poem: Dragons] [Dragon Myth…] [Current writing actions] [Poem: Classification of Dragons] [Thoughts] [Poem: Seeking Dragons] [Double Book Reviews] [Book Review: The Music Man by Moonyani Write] [Poem: Singing Princess] [Poem: I Love Dragons] [Book Review: A Taste of Her Own Medicine by Tasha L. Harrison] [Book Review: One Day, One Eternity by Rosalie Jardin] [Poem: Being Genderfluid] [Poem: Dragon Birth] [Poem: Dragon] [Poem: Dragon Heart] [Poem: Dragon Ages] [Poem: Lil’ Ragnaros] [Poem: Dragon Warrior] [Poem: Dragon Questions] [Let’s Improve Writing!] [Poem: Dragon Tale] [Poem: Dragon Haiku] [Poem: Silver Dragon] [My Dragon Myths: Dragon Titles] [Perfection and the Final Draft] [Poem: To Charles, Who Used To Be King By Jacob Verde] [Poem: Dragons For Dragon Rider] [Poem: Attack of the Fire Breathing House Cat] [My Dragon Myth: Dragon World Part 2] [My Dragon Myth: Dragon World] [Poem: Captured by the Dragon] [My Dragon Myth: Colored Names] [My Dragon Myth: Dragon Colors] [Poem: Dragon Savior] [Random Collection of Inspiration Quotes] [Poem: Just a Human] [Readers] [Poems… and dragons…] [Poem: Pretend the Dragon] [Interest] [Poem: Flower]

June 2020

[Poem: The Last Winter’s Storm] [Poem Topics] [Poem: The Month was a Riot] [Tired Rant/ stream of conscious] [Plots and Series] [Writing posts] [Poem: Only One] [I’m Not Female] [Poem: Rare Event] [She’s Gone] [SS: Genie’s Eighth Wish] [SS: Genie’s Seventh Wish] [Black Poetry: Lift Every Voice and Sing by James Weldon Johnson] [Poem: (Song) Invisible Person] [Poem: The Visit] [Poem: Darkness] [Poem: The Rose] [Poem: Grandmama] [Poem: I’m Just Not Interested] [Black Poetry: American History by Michael S. Harper] [Black Poetry: won’t you celebrate with me by Lucille Clifton] [Black Poetry: We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks] [Poem: Hair Dresser] [Equality] [Poem: Good Morning Kisses]

May 2020

[Poem and comments: Good Boy by GDXTaeyang (Poem A Day May 2020)] [Poem: That Mountain] [Poems… Um…] [Poem: Number 1 by Bigbang (Poem a Day May 2020)] [Poem: As If It’s Your Last by Blackpink (Poem a Day May 2020)] [Poem: Can I Offer You a Cup?] [Poem: This Love by GDragon (Poem a Day May 2020)] [I can’t just play games] [Poem: Let the Storm Break] [Poem: We are the Champions by Queen (Poem a Day May 2020)] [Poem: Everywhere I turn] [Gender Journal] [Poem: Enej – Kamień z napisem LOVE (Poem a Day May 2020)] [SS: Genie’s Sixth Wish] [Poem: A Boy by Gdragon (Poem a Day May 2020)] [Poem: Error 404] [Figured it out!] [Poem: Bad Boy by Bigbang (Poem a Day May 2020)] [Poem: This] [Poem: Really by Blackpink (Poem a Day May 2020)] [Poem: Black by Gdragon feat. Jennie] [Poem: Let It Go by Frozen (Poem a Day May 2020)] [Poem: Michael Bublé – Haven’t Met You Yet (poem a day may 2020)] [Poem: Last] [Poem: Bang, Bang, Bang by Bigbang (Poem a Day May 2020)] [Poem: Baby Hit Me One More Time by Britney Spears (Poem a Day May 2020)] [Why is Alex black?]

April 2020

[Poem: Dream] [Poem: I Climbed the Tallest Tree] [A Good Dream] [#metoo] [Poem: Please Need Me] [Poem: Rainbow] [Poem: Don’t (song)] [Poem: Blinking Cursor] [Poem: Beauty is a Weary Desire] [Poetry] [Ack! Poem’s Missing! Poem: Seizures] [Drafts] [Poem: Bubbles]

March 2020

[Spam] [Poem: Cake] [Poem: Trying Time] [Poems for March] [Poem: Puzzle] [Poem: Can I Have One?] [Poem: Final Draft] [Poem: Little White Dress] [Poem: Worry Stone] [Poem: Covid-19] [Poem: Mishaps in Life] [Poem: I am the Star] [Poems per Month] [Poem: Adulthood] [SS: Genie’s Fifth Wish] [Poem: Prince] [Poem: I Can’t] [Poem: Shattered]

February 2020

[Writing Prompt: Speak Up] [Poem: Fingers Out of the Mouth] [Recipe: Quiche] [WIPs Over 200!] [Poem: Treant] [Writing Prompt: Lazy Day] [Recipe: Cream of Broccoli Soup] [The Writing Process 2] [The Writing Process] [Poem: Spectral, Ocean, Glasses] [SS: Genie’s Fourth Wish] [500 posts] [Recipe: Chicken Fried Rice] [Poem: Oxymoron #3] [Poem: Oxymoron #2] [Poem: Oxymoron #1] [SS: Genie’s Third Wish] [SS: Genie’s Second Wish] [New Story!! SS: Genie’s First Wish] [Poem: Meadow] [Poem: Tundra] [Poem: Forest] [Poem: Ocean]

January 2020

[Writing Prompt: Future Diary Entry] [Poem: Zero] [Recipe: Mini Poultry Meatloaves] [Poem: There is a Simple Answer] [Virginity] [Poem: Not Enough Water] [Happy New Year] [Recipe: Mini Meatloaves] [Poem: Black] [Poem: Pretty Kitty] [Recipe: Oatcakes] [Poem: I Love You] [Poem: Glittering Brass] [Recipe: Hot Chocolate] [Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies] [Poem: Stand Tall] [Poem: It is a Beautiful Day]

December 2019

[Book Review: Desdemona Valentina by S.L. Freake] [Poem: Birding] [Poem: My Loves] [Poem: Emotion Called Love] [Poem: Trust] [Disabled] [SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 54 : Hartliebe and Dominik] [Poem: Two Different Colored Shoes] [SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 53 : Katelyn and Dominik] [SS Bonus Dragon’s Quest for Hopper] [Poem: Being Split on Relationships] [450 posts…] [SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 52 : Renee and Dominik] [SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 51 : Patrick and Dominik] [SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 50 : Tom and Dominik] [Poem: The Sweetest Rose] [Poem: Her Garden of Life] [Poem: Blinking Cursor]

November 2019

[Poem: The Mirror Lies] [SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 49 : Doug and Dominik] [Nanowrimo2019 Update] [Poem: Falling into a False Reality] [Poem: Tomorrow] [SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 48 : Kevin and Dominik] [Book Review: Bisection by Kenton Hall] [Poem: Dragons (For Dragon Rider 6th Grade)] [Poem: The Memory] [SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 47 : Kassandra and Dominik] [SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 46 : Leah and Dominik] [Special Book] [Poem: UnNamed] [Poem: You Are…] [Werewolf Word Crawl] [SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 45 : Rich and Dominik] [Nanowrimo 2019] [Random Question] [Poem: Welcome] [SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 44 : Johni and Dominik] [SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 43 : Sonya and Dominik]

October 2019

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