Be Mine

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Another similar collection of mine: [Fall in Love]

This is a collection created for my niece’s wedding on October 8th, 2022.

Be Mine by Cat Hartliebe cover

Dedicated to my niece gaining the title of wife.

This is a collection of short story and poems surrounding proposals. I was questioning if it would include a little more than that, but I now have three short stories and seven poems around proposals. It may end up getting a little bit more than just the proposal: wedding, marriage, romantic love, etc. It will stay to the expected topic, though, and will be the fluff you need from Cat Hartliebe.

This is only an ebook. It is not long enough on it’s own to be a paperback collection. I may combine Fall in Love and Be Mine into a duology collection paperback. If that happens, I’ll probably kill both and create an ebook and paperback to match. They are similar, but also different, so I may decide against it.

Current Table of Contents:

  1. Always and Forever (poem)
  2. Trust Me Love (poem)
  3. The Perfect Flower (short story)
  4. What’s Missing? (poem)
  5. Please Be My Everything (poem)
  6. More Than Just a Cup (short story)
  7. Number One (poem)
  8. Let Me Buy You a Dress (poem)
  9. The Perfect? Plan (short story)
  10. Will You? (poem)

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