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Poem: Thanks of a Cat

(Publish poems!) This poem- Thanks of a Cat- is found in [Non Human Best Friend] Thanks of a Cat*glare* Thank you for FINALLY cleaning out the litter box.Thank you for feeding me SIX hours after I requested it.Thank you for getting an aquarium with a LID.Thank you for turning off MY faucet.Thank you for the … Continue reading Poem: Thanks of a Cat

Poem: Life in a Pandemic

Things arent going well. Life in a Pandemic how many waves of death do we need?how many times must we face this thing?are we playing a game where i can revive?i thought this was life what are we truly facing?when will we make the choice were makinghow are we going to manage thiswill we be … Continue reading Poem: Life in a Pandemic

Poem: Taught by Family

There is a level of privilege living in a family who also suffer from disabilities. The same ones anyway. Who grew up with them just as I was. I could learn from their tricks. If only my family also didn’t suffer from ableism, life would be great. These thoughts help me a lot while trying … Continue reading Poem: Taught by Family

Recipe: Chocolate Pudding

I’m not the only wanting pudding, right? MMmmm… Pudding. I do not have modified cornstarch that can work at room temp and finding a pudding box mix that doesn’t contain soy, vanilla, or dairy? I’m pretty much screwed. That means pudding from scratch. I can do anything. Instant Chocolate Pudding Modified Cornstarch allows for thickening … Continue reading Recipe: Chocolate Pudding


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