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SS: With U Opening

Alright you don’t believe me, right? 권지용 can’t possibly be my ultimate option for romantic notion. You don’t believe in my #DailyGDPoem nonsense I post on Instagram [It’s a Thing]. How could I mark him? How can I know him well enough to pick him? Okay. I’ll give. I don’t know him that well. Can’t…

Cat Hartliebe’s Be Mine: Theme

A collection of short stories and poetry around proposals. [Be Mine] is ebook only. It will one day either join a collection similar to [Hartliebe Poems and Shorts] or long enough to be a stand alone paperback. One day. Not today, though. This collection is a published gift for my niece’s wedding. [Fall in Love]…

Dragon Rider 10th!

September 17th, 2023 Natalie the Dragon Rider 10th Grade should be published. To support the preorder, I have the price set to 99 cents. That price will only last until it publishes (and I remember it needs to be fixed). PINC is currently four books long. This part of the series is seven books. 10th…

Poem: Survive

At this point, I have over two thousand poems. You can see nearly a thousand of them in All or Nothing. Most of the new poems are on my Instagram [Cat’s Instagram]. This particular poem can be found in Uplifted, a poem book that’s meant to bring hope to everyone. Let me know if I’m…


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