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Names Instead of the Pronoun You

[Writer’s Stuff] [Pronouns 1: The Basics] [Pronouns 2: Grammar Rules] for previous pronoun posts. When chatting with someone, we typically use the word “you” in English. While studying Korean, you isn’t really a word. 당신 and 너 both mean you, but they aren’t used as you in the same way as English uses you. The … Continue reading Names Instead of the Pronoun You

Compliment vs Complement

[Writer’s Stuff] Let’s do a short blog post. Compliment versus Complement. They sound exactly the same. So when should we use them? The two words sound exactly the same, but are used very differently. Compliment is used for positive affirmations. Complimenting is probably the word you’re looking for. It’s used more often and has a … Continue reading Compliment vs Complement

Poem: Sharpening

(Publish poems!) This poem- Sharpening- is found in [If Non Humans Could Talk…] Sharpening Nothing can be dull todayThe chef would be much too delayedWe must perfect her varied toolsTheir blades must cut through all the foods The diners would be vastly stoppedIf their silverware could not cutI am the master for the sharpAnd here … Continue reading Poem: Sharpening


Tomorrow, my last poem will post. And that’s it for scheduled posts. I haven’t been active here. Like at all. For quite some time. I needed a complete break from everything writing. At current, my only real activity when it comes to writing is my Instagram (CatHartliebe & NuggetGillette). I’m writing poems pretty consistently. And … Continue reading Hiatus


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