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2022: [Proofing!] [Smashwords and D2D] [Epilogue seals it] [Hmmm…. Dove] [Free Ebook]

2021: [Hiatus] [Nanowrimo 2021 update: Nov 21th] [Nano2021 Update: Nov 9th] [Hmm… Nano Story 2021 Idol’s Gaze Version 2.0] [Nano SS: 시우의 story] [About Me and my Writing] [Nanowrimo Comes] [Last November’s Breakdown] [My Writing Career] [Poem a Day May 2020] [My Current Books] [Magic Within the Worlds] [Direct Payments] [Dragon Rider’s changes] [Is Anyone Interested?] [Poem a Day May 2021 is over!] [Youtube Poetry Readings] [Update on Poem a Day May 2021] [Autist] [Updates – May 2021] [Poem a Day May 2021] [Mwahahaha! All the profits] [Tod Leben’s Tsuba Ren] [Hmm… Collections] [Poetry] [If Non Humans Could Talk…] [Am I an Author?] [Fall in Love] [Story Idea] [Goals before February] [Aha!] [The First Two] [So Many Updates] [Currently published on Smashwords and Amazon:]

2020: [I’m done x2] [I’m done] [Allergen Friendly Cookbook Update] [Nanowrimo 2020 Update] [Nanowrimo 2020] [My Writing Weakness] [Short Story Friday] [Cat Hartliebe Answers a Few Questions] [What Fun!] [My supporters] [Fun Nanowrimo Idea] [Dragon Rider 8th Grade] [Beta Read or Blog Review] [Ancestors…] [Year of Poems 2020 Update] [Homepage Questions] [Part of the problem] [Posts…] [Publishing my stories] [Rehaul] [Coming Out] [Seven Years an Author….] [700 posts…] [Writing Stuff] [Writing] [The Beginning] [Current writing actions] [Upgrade… hmm…] [Writing posts] [Poems… Um…] [Updates 2.0] [Updates] [Poetry] [Drafts] [Spam] [Poems for March] [Poems per Month] [Updates] [Shorts WIP] [WIPs Over 200!] [500 posts] [Youtube Videos] [Publishing 2020]

2019: [Disabled] [450 posts…] [Promo Post December…. Or Not?] [Nanowrimo2019 Update] [Special Book] [Nanowrimo 2019] [Promo posts] [Nanowrimo] [6 Years] [Cyro’s Poetry] [Success?] [Theme and Self Awareness] [Ideas] [Writing] [What to Publish?] [There is no money in creation.] [Short Story Friday]

2018: [Published] [Nanowrimo 2018] [Descriptions Rant] [Rewriting] [Getting Back to Business]

2017: [Camp and stuff] [Writing] [Attempts to Publish 2017]

2016: [Mission Four] [WIP: Trigger / Daisy “Trigger” Lee posts] [Asexual (WIP: Trigger)] [Published] [All my works in progress] [The Why] [The Hardest Character] [Thank You Person Who Bought My Book] [I am a Writer]

Non Writing Posts

2022: [Failure]

2021: [Hiatus] [Resize…. (Personal Post)] [Homeschooling] [Last November’s Breakdown] [Why I consider myself grey-ace] [Activity] [Gender…. Decision?] [Learning 한국] [Random Thought: Favorite Candy] [Updates – May 2021] [Random Thoughts: Pine Barrens (NJ)] [Those Eyes] [Personal Post: Disabled]

2020: [I’m done x2] [I’m done] [Who did I idolize as a child?] [Why the Tears Come] [A Letter] [Tattoo] [Allergen Friendly Cookbook Update] [Holidays Cards!] [Theme Song] [Messing around] [Disabled Thoughts] [Goals for 2021] [Goals update for nov 2019 to nov 2020] [Who I am… Gatekeeped] [Peace Minus One] [Cat Hartliebe’s Favorite Music 2020] [Gender Vent] [Dress] [Thoughts] [Interest] [Tired Rant/ stream of conscious] [I’m Not Female] [She’s Gone] [Equality] [I can’t just play games] [Gender Journal] [A Good Dream] [Writing Prompt: Speak Up] [Writing Prompt: Lazy Day] [Goals Update] [Writing Prompt: Future Diary Entry] [Virginity] [Happy New Year] [Goals Jan 2020]

2019: [Random Question] [New Goals] [Big Goals II] [My Big Goals] [How Low am I?] [I am… (LGBTA+)] [Wasting time with Korean] [My Favorite Letter : J] [I’m done] [Happy Birthday GD] [Goals as of now] [Random Questions #3] [Random Questions #2] [Black Belt Test] [Accomplishment] [Goals 2019 Am I Succeeding?] [Stream of Conscious 2] [Stream of Conscious] [April Goal review] [Wikipedia] [Writing times at Barnes and Noble] [Philosophy] [My health fails me] [Progress] [Dance] [Random Questions] [Just a reminder] [Cyro Hartliebe 2019] [January First!!]

2018: [Favorite Music] [Save the Trees!] [Innocent Bullying] [Happy New Year]

2017: [October 2017 Goals] [About Me] [Accountability Goals of 2017]

2016: [Blogga-Blogga] [Goals for August] [Pictures] [Sickling]