Cyro’s Middling Adventure

This was supposed to be a collaboration between Cat and Cyro Hartliebe. It may one day reach completed status.

It has been posted on the blog for anyone interested in reading it.

Cyro is over a hundred. He passed the test for Centurion long before he turned. Now that his twin little siblings hit a hundred, they can all be together as Centurions.

Why then does Erin earn Middling title on her hundredth birthday? That’s not fair.

Cyro persuades Alex on an adventure. How can they earn the title of middling? How hard is it to take care of something besides your self?

[Ch 001 Happy Birthday Twins]
[Chapter 002 Yua Hartliebe, Elder Silver]
[Chapter 003 Black Swamps]
[Chapter 004 White Plateau]
[Chapter 005 The Hunt for Gold]
[Chapter 006 Caught by an Elder]

There is a chance this series will be put out under Cat Gillette. Depends on who it ends up suiting best.

It probably should be listed under Cat Hartliebe