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Cat Hartliebe’s first true novel!

There is a content warning: sex; light case of transphobia/queerphobia. It is polyam LGBT+ romance where a triangle (true triangle) turns into a triad. And there is a child of the single father (widowed).

Dedicated to Josh and Alex who made me into the tech genius I am today. I would’ve let my hate for computers stop me from reaching my potential.

My original back page words were:
A recently single tech support woman with commitment issues.
A single dad getting a little frantic with his toddler daughter at home.
The computer repair shop she works at that he starts frequenting. Because all romance start somewhere. And neither would guess the other has the same interest or any level of willingness.

It is not quite a match to the story as it turns out.

It is first person present tense which is my favorite to write. You can join my main character as she falls for a new guy. It starts at her breaking up with her ex girlfriend.

Marie, the mc, has a best friend in Barren (ze/zer), and a new love interest in Liam (he/him).

There are a few existential crisis during the book, but it ends on a happy note. Or happy enough note. This really is a Happy For Now ending. Barren and Liam get the marriage part. And even if they use Marie for kids, she doesn’t need to play mother.

She’d rather focus on her career anyway. Given the story line… I mean… Woah, don’t give big stuff away, Cat. You want them to read the novel after all.

The first draft is written. It’s really in a good state (all my practice writing has really made that likely). But it needs a cover, edits, reviews, formatting, etc. The normal stuff. I’ve given it a quick read, but that’s only to say the entire novel works as a whole. No big rewritings required.

I’m excited to get this up and running, but I’m thinking next year. I’ll say I need at least three full reviews/edits and a couple hours working the rest of the requirements. Probably a total of a hundred hours needed to get it up to publish worthy status.

Wish me luck! And be excited for this!

If you want to be a Beta Reader (or future ARC reader), give me a message. There’s no deadline here. I’m letting it breathe for a reason.