Idol’s Gaze (SS: Writer’s Block is chapter 1)

There is a second story on the same path: [With U].

Idol's Gaze front cover by Cat Hartliebe

This story was meant to be a nonsense write up of my life if GD came into it. There are plenty of important notes and themes: consent, public figure, abuse, etc.

It’s completed at 33 chapters (plus an epilogue). 56k words. I never meant for that.

It’s a false fiction narrative. There are no fantasy elements. Just me being me in an event that’s seemingly impossible.

There are triggers, but I’m not listing them because I don’t when I write first drafts. That’s something I key in on during edits. It’s triggering to me, though. I’m trying to reduce the amount it can trigger. I’m too dark for that. This contains various traumas.

The characters are not exact replicas of me and my life. This is fiction even if it relates well enough to look like a duplicate. Cyro has been reading along and has approved their existence in Kevin. That’s the only person I care is accepted.

(I would also care about GD’s viewpoint, but he’s out of reach, so…)

If anything, I’d call it a K-Drama just in written form. And if I’m being offered to rewrite it for tv or movies, I’m down. (Or I’d sell it with names changed.)

I’m giving the romance required happily ever after. Without ruining the characters as they are. GD isn’t going to magically have all the time in the world for the romance. Cat isn’t going to completely handle the abuse before the story ends. The public is going to go haywire when they realize things. But, happily ever afters are possible even under duress.

It is a first draft. It’s not real life. If anyone gets this to GD, I would greatly appreciate it. He deserves to find love even if it’s only in written form. (Sorry, I can’t help further… Unless he’s interested in trying to make this a reality…)

I’m a little shocked it’s over. Ten days. My massive novel length love letter to Kwon Jiyong. Think it’ll reach him? I can be wishful right?

I can also live in fantasy worlds until the real world offers me something better.

General Trigger list: [Apologies]

Chapter 1: [SS: Writer’s Block]

Chapter 2: [SS: Just a Little Writing]

Chapter 3: [SS: Special Scene Between Us]

Chapter 4: [SS: My Cinderella Life]

Chapter 5: [SS: Playing Games]

Chapter 6: [SS: Questions]

Chapter 7: [SS: Romance Blockaded]

Chapter 8: [SS: Deep Clean]

Chapter 9: [SS: Questionable Perfection]

Chapter 10: [SS: Just Two More Nights]

Chapter 11: [SS: It’s Time]

Chapter 12: [SS: Hope]

Chapter 13: [SS: Differences]

Chapter 14: [SS: Casual Chatter]

Chapter 15: [SS: Doctor…]

Chapter 16: [SS: The Plan]

Chapter 17: [SS: EJ]

Chapter 18: [SS: First Visit]

Chapter 19: [SS: Honeymoon Special]

Chapter 20: [SS: New Life]

Chapter 21: [SS: Dinner Together]

Chapter 22: [SS: Kevin Comes Home]

Chapter 23: [SS: Breakfast]

Chapter 24: [SS: The Guys]

Chapter 25: [SS: Time Moves Forward]

Chapter 26/27: [SS: Photo & At Home]

Chapter 28: [SS: The Public Knows]

Chapter 29: [SS: Friendship]

Chapter 30: [SS: The Picture]

Chapter 31: [SS: Evening Free]

Chapter 32: [SS: Almost Done]

Chapter 33: [SS: It Ends]

Epilogue: [SS: Epilogue : First Picture]

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Bonus Content:

Written Before Idol’s Gaze existed: [Hats] [Took the Cake] [Response] [Tea] [Tournament]

Side Stories to Idol’s Gaze: [Happy Birthday, Mom!] [Best Man] [Guest List] [Wedding Book] [Greetings] [Mimic] [Lunch Date] [The Stage] [Poem: Lunar Eclipse] [I Love You] [School] [Favorite Singer] [John Visit #1] [John Visit #2 (series of shorts incomplete)] [Silent] [Communicate (Silent #2)] [Last Minute Party] [Date Night] [Parent’s Day #11] [The Red Pen] [Weird Pain]

If you want a particular short story to be extended, speak up. I’m leaving quite a number of half done stories here. Series of shorts is probably my strongest writing style.

I will organize the bonus content at some point.

[With U] is another story similar to Idol’s Gaze, but they don’t make as dangerous of a mistake within a week of meeting.

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