If Non Humans Could Talk…

If Non Humans Could Talk… can be found in [Hartliebe Poems and Shorts] if anyone is looking for the print copy.

A collection of fiction short stories and poems where the main character or most important character is a non human. This is a counter Cat Hartliebe book to Tod Leben’s Non Human Best Friend. Tod Leben writes the triggering topics. Cat Hartliebe stays in the land of acceptance and fluff. Let me know if anything should switch.

Tree of Knowledge (poem): A pine tree in New Jersey.
The Spoon: Silverware nonsense. This is a common college flash fiction prompt: What if your spoon had something to say to the fork?
Color Me (poem): A present asks you to color it.
Fireworks: Baby’s first time dealing with fireworks, and Mom’s not there! Can Getoffthecounter help?
A Poem (poem): Quick little poem about a poem.
Two Boots; One Date: Left doesn’t want to go out. Right wants to. Who wins?
Lone Cloud (poem): Ever see a solo cloud in the sky? What if it chatted with you?
The Curtain is Down: This is Nugget’s story. Nugget is Cat Hartliebe’s elder kitty who everyone loves. Check out his Instagram.
No Longer a Sapling (poem): The cover image has a tree that should match this old one.
Tick Tock: Grandfather clock sitting in a hotel’s main floor watching the world tick by.
Sharpening (poem): The sharpening stone wants to be used.
Pick Me!: A fancy red car desires to be picked.
My Offerings (poem): Blades? Energy? A windmill, of course. (Written for my own town’s windmills.)
Low Battery (poem): What always complains about being low battery? Your phone. Perhaps this will get you listening to it.
Shadow Book (poem): Written for my mother. Because the books call to us, but we never find the time unless everyone is asleep.

More flash fictions, short stories, and poems can be added to this collection at a later date.

If I add more than three, a new edition will be marked. This is the first edition collection for If Non Humans Could Talk…

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This collection will not be a paperback. The paperback is not possible without more works in it. I may create a joint collection with the other short collections out there. This was made to be a more worthwhile buy than just the three currently for sale.

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If Non Humans Could Talk… can be found in [Hartliebe Poems and Shorts] if anyone is looking for the print copy.