New Jersey Favorites Triggers

[New Jersey Favorites] [Hartliebe Poems and Shorts]

This is Tod. New Jersey Favorites has a few questionable shorts and poems within it. The possible triggers will be posted here. Since the bulk of it is safe for general consumption, the collection is being marked as Cat Hartliebe.

My bonuses are not necessarily positive. But they exist. New Jersey isn’t a perfect place to live.

Tree of Knowledge (poem) : N/A

Diner Visit : N/A

Jersey Shore (poem) : N/A

The Creature of Lake Pam : suggestive exhaustion; suggestive concerns; crazy/insane use;

My State, New Jersey (poem) : N/A

My Blueberry Wand : talk of destruction.

Step, Crunch : suspense; fear (unknown); Jersey Devil;

Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese (poem) : N/A

The Hanlon Key : N/A

Candy (poem) : excessive pride; bullying; cruelty;

More may be added later that falls into this group. Hence why all the titles are listed. It isn’t overly triggering. I wouldn’t mark it Cat Hartliebe is things were as bad as some of my stories.

Step, Crunch is meant to be a suspense story about someone walking the Pine Barrens with a follower. This tacks on to the legend of the Jersey Devil. All horror will contain triggers.