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Cat Hartliebe

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Tod Leben

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Poem: Baby Hit Me One More Time by Britney Spears (Poem a Day May 2020)Poem: Bang, Bang, Bang by Bigbang (Poem a Day May 2020)Poem: Michael Bublé – Haven’t Met You Yet (poem a day may 2020)Poem: Really by Blackpink (Poem a Day May 2020)Poem: Let It Go by Frozen (Poem a Day May 2020)Poem: Bad Boy by Bigbang (Poem a Day May 2020)Poem: A Boy by Gdragon (Poem a Day May 2020)Poem: Enej – Kamień z napisem LOVE (Poem a Day May 2020)Poem: We are the Champions by Queen (Poem a Day May 2020)Poem: This Love by GDragon (Poem a Day May 2020)Poem: As If It’s Your Last by Blackpink (Poem a Day May 2020)Poem: Number 1 by Bigbang (Poem a Day May 2020)Poem and comments: Good Boy by GDXTaeyang (Poem A Day May 2020)

Leagende: PageTriggersLeagende SeriesPoem: LeagendeWorking on LeagendeLeagende AudiencePoem: EqualityPoem: Have You Ever Seen a Half Elf?Poem: I Never Knew My Father by Bludi IllieneTwitter (two) (three) (four) (five) (six) –

Of the Coming of the Moon: PageTriggersTwitter (two) (three) (four) (five) –

Troubled Royals: PageTriggersTwitter (two) (three) –

Just a Little Bit of Life: PageWhy Did I Publish This?

Cyro Hartliebe

PreThirteen: InstagramCyro is Amazing! PreThirteen is Out!

Cat Gillette

Natalie the Dragon Rider: P.I.N.C. Page6th Grade Page7th Grade Page8th Grade PageDragon Rider’s changesDragon Rider the SeriesPoem: A Lady (Dragon Rider 7th Grade)Poem: Dragons For Dragon RiderPoem: To Charles, Who Used To Be King By Jacob VerdeWhy is Alex Black?
SS: Alex’s Test (Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade)

Autist: PageCoverMC Character SheetWorldDedicationFavorite LineFormatting NonsenseWho Do I Think Needs This BookBook Club QuestionsInstagramAutistYoutubeTwitter (two) –

Dove (Tod): PageTriggersTwitter post (two) (three) – Hmmm…. DoveReminderCoverWorldGenre – Character: Icarus Homer – Character : Joe Merci – Character : Dad and Kris – Character: Homer Characters – Character: Joe’s Allies – Character: Big Ben – Favorite Character – LGBT+ – Favorite Moment – Couple: Joe and Icarus – Bonus Pairings – Happily Ever After – Themes – First Person/Switching Narrator – The Title – Homer Industries vs Big Ben – Hints Around Autism – Favorite Line – Book Club Questions – Stupid Joke – Quotes – Tropes – Asexual vs Sex Repulsed – Opening – DedicationInstagram Post (two) – Youtube Proof Video
SS: The Chaos of PrideHappy Father’s Day, Dove

Balance (poem book) (Tod): Instagram

Modern Werewolves (Tod): Page
SS: Green Ridge Celebrates Juneteenth