Uplifted (poem book)

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Uplifted front cover by Cat Hartliebe. 
A sunset over the water background with the light blue text "Poems to boost everyone." The title Uplifted and author name Cat Hartliebe are in bright yellow to match the sun.

This was called Hope at first. But the collection is less hope and more uplifting. At least that was the goal when I started the build.

Whether I succeeded at making an uplifting poem book or not is to be determined. Go ahead and judge me. That’s part of being in the public space.

The collection is both ebook and paperback. It’s over a hundred pages as a paperback. All of the work is Cat Hartliebe. That means none of it should classify as triggering. No events that should threaten self or offer bad reminders. I tried to at least. Give me a hint if something hits you the wrong way. I can change.

Index (List of poems)

The collection is split into five groups where poems exist: Dedication; Abstract; Nature; Concrete; and About Cat Hartliebe. Yes, Dedication and About Cat Hartliebe are written as poems. I do add my contact in the About Cat Hartliebe section.

These are the poems listed in alphabetical order just like my index. At some point, I’ll tag any I have on the blog, instagram, or youtube. At some point, all of them should be on the blog or on youtube. I love doing poetry readings. (If they appear multiple places, all will get tagged.)

  1. A Season [Poem: A Season]
  2. Another Day [Poem: Tomorrow, title changed]
  3. Author [Poem: Author]
  4. Best New Gift
  5. Bein Jour (French)
  6. Blue
  7. Blue and Silver Packages [Poem: Blue and Silver Packages]
  8. Can I Ask For a Little Hope?
  9. Dance [Poem: Dance] [Poem: Dance]
  10. Dragon Savior [Poem: Dragon Savior]
  11. Dreaming of BigBang
  12. Everything is Gonna be Okay
  13. Feeling Low [Poem: Feeling Low]
  14. Fill It
  15. Flowers Make Everything Better
  16. Forever Friend #1
  17. Forever Friend #2
  18. Fountain #1
  19. Fountain #2
  20. Good Morning #2
  21. Good Morning Song (Short)
  22. Hand
  23. Heart Full [Poem: Heart Full]
  24. Her Garden of Life [Poem: Her Garden of Life]
  25. Home [Poem: Home]
  26. Hope (This is on the back cover.) [Poem: Hope]
  27. Hope is a Four Letter Word
  28. Hot Cocoa
  29. I Did Not Write Today [Poem: I Did Not Write Today] [Poem: I did not write today]
  30. I Wish Every Day
  31. Invite
  32. It is a Beautiful Day [Poem: It is a Beautiful Day]
  33. J
  34. Keys to Existence
  35. Leaves Dancing [Poem: Leaves Dancing (#octoprompt autumn)]
  36. Life Hurts
  37. Life’s Luck
  38. Limits
  39. Little Beach
  40. Look
  41. Love #3
  42. Love Me [Poem: Love Me]
  43. Love, Hope, Happiness, Freedom [Poem: Love, Hope, Happiness, Freedom]
  44. Me 2009
  45. Me 2022 (The only poem made for the book.)
  46. Mishaps in Life [Poem: Mishaps in Life] [Poem: Mishaps in Life]
  47. Moon Bae
  48. Mother the Dedication [Poem: Mother, the dedication]
  49. Music Player
  50. My Loves [Poem: My Loves]
  51. My Most Prized Possession: A Memory [Poem: My Most Prized Possession: A Memory]
  52. My Princess [Poem: My Princess]
  53. My State, New Jersey
  54. Never Lose Hope
  55. No Longer a Sapling [Poem: No Longer a Sapling] [Poem: No Longer a Sapling]
  56. Not Alone
  57. Number One [Poem: Number 1 by Bigbang (Poem a Day May 2020)]
  58. One by One [Poem: One by One]
  59. One Day
  60. One Picture [Poem: One Picture]
  61. Only One [Poem: Only One] [Poem: Only One]
  62. Path
  63. Peddle
  64. Phoenix #1
  65. Phoenix #2
  66. Pink Flowers [Poem: Pink Flowers]
  67. Please? [Poem: Please?]
  68. Poet
  69. Radio
  70. Rain Comes
  71. Rainy Days
  72. Rough Diamond
  73. Shadow
  74. Sight
  75. Silver Dragon [Poem: Silver Dragon] [Poem: Silver Dragon]
  76. Smile!
  77. Snow
  78. Snowman Keith [Poem: Snowman Keith]
  79. Someone Cares
  80. Spring
  81. Stand Tall [Poem: Stand Tall]
  82. Stay with Me
  83. Strong Enough [Poem: Strong Enough]
  84. Sunbae
  85. Survive
  86. Survivor
  87. Sweet Child of Mine [Poem: Sweet Child of Mine]
  88. Tea [Poem: Tea]
  89. That Mountain [Poem: That Mountain]
  90. The Balance Feather
  91. The Heart [Poem: The Heart]
  92. The Moon
  93. The Night
  94. The Package [Poem: The Package]
  95. Time is Precious [Poem: Time is Precious]
  96. To My Wandering Spirit Friend [Poem: To My Wandering Spirit Friend]
  97. To You
  98. Together
  99. Together, United [Poem: Together, United]
  100. Tomorrow Never Comes
  101. Vendredi (French)
  102. Will You? [Poem: Will You?]
  103. Wings [Poem: Wings]
  104. Work
  105. Writing in the Sky
  106. Yellow
  107. Your Existence

You’ll notice a few of them have a number next to them. That means I have multiple poems using the same title. I tried to re-title poems so they were all unique, but that wasn’t always possible. So I add in numbers to say which one was made first. The smaller number means it’s an earlier creation. It has no connection to being published or how I feel about the poem.

This will never get revamped. There may be a second collection when I get another 100 poems or so to create a second book of Uplifted.

This one is complete as is.

Enjoy the collection. I can only hope it brings hope to someone out there. Uplifting souls is always my goal. Life is hard enough. There’s enough Tod Lebens in the world. Sometimes we really need Cat Hartliebe.

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