With U

COMPLETE, although won’t be fully uploaded for a while yet. This is a first draft. It’s rewrite would be completely different because characters have to change.

Genre: Romance

Age: 30s

Single mother who loves the person behind a superstar’s mask. In his bid to figure out how to take his next step, he ends up sitting at her table in a random cafe far from home. Can these two fall for the real person? Or did the writers’ create an image filled with hope and not reality?

The title matches to Bigbang’s Album With U. [Wiki article about With U]

This is a Nanowrimo 2021 novel written for the 50k challenge. Completed on November 9th.

Like [Idol’s Gaze], it’s another false fiction narrative (that can’t be true! for multiple reasons). With U sounds a little more realistic without being really realistic. We’re not jumping into bed first thing even if there will be clear sexual interest.

Cat Hartliebe selfie
Cat Hartliebe selfie

The main characters of this love story make it illegal (and I can get a cease and desist order for both this and Idol’s Gaze; I cannot make any profit on them period, but I also can be hit with public defamation lawsuit for posting them).

Cat Hartliebe is me and this is pieces of my real life. It’s the closest thing to self insert I’ve ever done. Which will leave me in tears. Because my life isn’t butterflies and rainbows. Not by a lot. I’m more the thing still lingering on the bottom of the garbage can that no one wants to clean out.

Kwon Jiyong is a top rated globally renown singer, superstar, artist, musician, writer, fashionista… Wait… I’m showing my interest in this statement. He’s just some guy who looks to have everything going for him until you realize looks can be deceiving. (Some guy, ha!)

Like with Idol’s Gaze, the rewrite would change the characters enough to no longer be based on real life people. I can do that. But first I need to accept who I am in these stories. I need to step past this weight even while it holds me down. Until then, the stories will not be rewritten.

(Unless someone wants to hand me a few thousand dollars to get on that.)

Trigger warning:

Sexual everything, talk of many traumas (including rape), depression (with suicidal ideation).
There is no gore or murder. The only talk of blood is through menstruation.
Abuse may or may not be on screen, but will definitely be limited as much as possible. After effects will be there, though.

If you notice a trigger I am missing, let me know. I normally don’t pull specific triggers until I have a near final copy.


Ch1 “Intro”

Ch2 “Hello”

Ch3  “She Can’t Get Enough”

Ch4  “Foolish Love”

Ch5  “Baby Goodnight”

Ch6  “Day by Day”

Ch7  “Heaven”

Ch8  “Missing You”

Ch9 “Breathe”

Ch10 “Oh Ah Oh”

Ch11 “Beautiful Hangover”

Ch12 “Lies”

Ch13 “Girlfriend”

Ch14 “Goodbye Baby”

Ch15 “We Belong Together”

Ch16 “Tonight”

Ch17 “Wonderful”

Ch18 “Let’s Talk About Love”

Ch19 “What is Right”

Ch20 “What”

Ch21 “What do you Want?”

Ch22 “Only Look at Me Pt. 2”

Ch23 “We Like 2 Party”

Epi1 “Korean Dream”

Epi2 “What Can I Do”

If you have any requests or suggestions for me, I can easily be contacted through my gmail either as email or hangouts: CatHartliebe@gmail.com

Blog Post: [Hmm… Nano Story 2021 Idol’s Gaze Version 2.0] [Nano2021 Update: Nov 9th]

As a note: I know Korean does not use the Latin alphabet. It will not work quite right if I try, but I will not be using both alphabets in this story. If I have to write out the Korean it will be in romanization. I’m going to try to not write out the romanization as much as possible, because it’s wrong. People need to stop relying on it. Learn your letters.

This may help you learn the letters (There’s a lot a good choices out there besides this):