Year of Poems 2019

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This paperback will not stay published forever. I need to get real poem books created for the two authors: Cat Hartliebe and Tod Leben.

I was thinking of creating a poem book with all of the poems. There are over 500 of them. The key would be to mark them either as Tod Leben or Cat Hartliebe. Perhaps creating two poem books by each author. I have no idea how many are connected to each author.

Beyond that I want to create poem books by genre. I made a suggestion with this already:

Cat Hartliebe in Nature 
poem book
by Cat Hartliebe

Fantastical Cat Hartliebe and Queer Cat Hartliebe were other options.

I also may add the poems into short story collections. I am planning to do that for Autist by Cat Gillette and Non Human Best Friend by Tod Leben. Both would be half poetry expanding the size of the collection by quite a bit.

And I would like to add in some cute love poems for [Fall in Love]. I would just update the file and cover image once I do. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

Until I create and publish a new poem book, Year of Poems 2019 will exist. It cannot continue existing forever though. I know there are triggering poems in the poem book. I cannot let Cat Hartliebe have such a thing. Tod Leben will have that as an expectation. And there will be a list of possible triggers on the last page even if I don’t connect the triggers to which poems. That may be too much.

[Poetry Archive] still exists. Tod Leben also has a [Poetry Archive]. I will be going through the poems and indicating which ones need Tod Leben. Most should be marked Cat Hartliebe still. Triggers aren’t as common in my poetry as they are in my longer bodies of work.

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[Poem a Day May 2020] is available.

Some poems can be found in [Fall in Love] [Non Human Best Friend] [Of the Coming of the Moon] [New Jersey Favorites] [Autist] [If Non Humans Could Talk…]